Shalak Attack - Sao Paulo

A portrait of Shalak Attack when she lived in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  O Coletivo Efêmmera, is a group of young women artists that use street culture as a platform for work, including young women using photography, graffiti, skateboarding, music and various other types of urban interventions to communicate with society and themselves. 

Created by:  O Coletivo Efêmmera.   Directed by: Isabela Gregório.   Videography: Tinho Sousa.   Editor: Monique Ramos.

Artscape Festival - Torsby Sweden - 2017

Clandestinos - Wynwood Miami - 2017

StreetArtToday Museum - Amsterdam -2017

Clandestinos - Berlin Germany - 2017

Clandestinos - Niagara Falls - NIC - 2017

Clandestinos - Hamilton ON - 2017

Clandestinos - Wynwood Miami -2016

Crush Festival - Denver Colorado - 2016

Mending Mural - Clandestinos - Winnipeg -2016

The Guardians Underpass - Toronto - 2016

TTC Interview about The Guardians -2016

Clandestinos in Kelowna, BC - 2016

Clandestinos Merging Exhibit - Winnipeg - 2016

Clandestinos UK Tour - 2016

The making of "In the Raw" Exhibit for Uk - 2016

Canada's Largest Mural - Essencia Arts Collective Toronto - 2015

Free Lolita - Wynwood Miami - 2015

Community Housing Mural - Toronto -2015

Born This Way - Essencia Arts Collective Mural

Frozen Memories Mural - Corktown Toronto -2014

Essencia Arts Collective- Water Mural - 2014

DIAMONDS OF EXTINCTION - A Clandestinos Film Production (2014)

Showing the process of our mural creation, we are also interested in storytelling and trying to create a certain ambiance for the final mural. Diamonds of Extinction, mural and video by the Clandestinos, Bruno Smoky and Shalak Attack. Toronto, Canada. 2014. 

GODIMEN - A Clandestinos Film Production (2013)

This video is about the Mural GODIMEN that was painted downtown Sao Paulo, Brasil, in 2012, by the four graffiti artists: Shalak, Smoky, Sapiens, and Enetres. It is a visual portrait of the homeless in a Babilonia, where much too often humanity becomes invisible, and is replaced by violence.


Produced in Canada 2013 by the Clandestinos Films, Shalak & Smoky.

Malbec world day 2013

Shalak Attack and Bruno Smoky (the Clandestinos) participated in Malbec Takes Over The Streets, a worldwide project to promote the Malbec Wines of Argentina.  The Clandestinos painted a mural in Sao Paulo, Brazil, representing Malbec in Latin America.

far cry 4 - ubisoft 

Mural created by Shalak Attack, Bruno Smoky, Nick Sweetman, and Jeff Blackburn for the FAR CRY 4 launch by Ubisoft in Toronto on November 1st 2014. 

Nhandebarete - Essencia Collective (2012)

In September 2012, the Essencia Colletive collaborates with the Guarani First Nations, Tekoa Pyau, from the Pico Do Jaragua, Sao Paulo, Brazil. This is a short documentary about this community and the first artistic intervention by the Essencia Collective in the reservation. "Nhandebarete" means Empowerment in the Guarani Language, the title of the Graffiti Mural and video. 

The video was produced in Brasil 2012 by members of the Essencia Collective: Shalak & Smoky.


Graffiti Seaweed - Shalak Attack Production (2013)

Graffiti Freestyle in Praia Mongagua, Sao Paulo, Brazil. May 2013. Graffiti artists: Joks, Smoky, Sapiens, Shalak!!! Images by: Shalak, Smoky, Gabriele Mesquita. Video edited and Music remixed by: Shalak.

II Bienal Graffiti Fine Art. Teaser

51 artists share their urban art expressions from Brazil and the world in the Museum of Sculpture of Sao Paulo (MUBE). The documentary shows the process of achieving and what they think the artists participating in the II International Biennial of Graffiti Fine Art. Shalak Attack participated in the Graffiti Fine Art II (GFA II) representing Canada in 2013

Short documentary on the graffiti scene in rio de janeiro - 2012 Meeting of Favela

Charlie Inman, from London, films the Graffiti scene in Rio de Janeiro in 2012, interviewing different street artists during Meeting of Favela in Duque de Caxias. Shalak Attack speaks of her experience of Graffiti Culture and how it changes in different countries.