Whats New!

2017 Highlights


  • Clandestinos will be painting at the Wynwood Shop Gallery during Art Basel, where they will also have a collection of artist prints available on site (196 NW 25th Street, Wynwood, Miami) 


  • Shalak will be Lead Artist for a community Road Mural project on Saturday October 4th, in collaboration with Arts4all!  
  • Launch of Shalak's design for 3million Art Cans for PBR Canada 


  • Clandestinos participation of CRUSH 2017 Mural festival  in Denver, Colorado.


  • Clandestinos participation of Artscape Mural Festival in Torsby, Sweden.
  • Clandestinos mural project  for the NIC (Natural Insect Control) near Niagara Falls, Canada (Stevensville). 


  • Received the best Mural award in 2016 for the Clandestinos "Mending" mural in Winnipeg, Manitoba.
  • Created the largest collaborative mural in Hamilton, Ontario for Collective Arts Brewing.                                                                                       


  • Amsterdam's Street Art Museum "Street Art Today" Invited Clandestinos to paint 3 large scale canvas pieces for their collection.  
  • Painted in the Urban Spree, Berlin, Germany


  • Clandestinos Mural on the Riders Bike Shop, Toronto, ON


  • Participated in the Muchachitas Pintoras Mural Festival in Santiago, Chile. 


  • Clandestinos mural on an Oscar Niemeyer building for the Museum of Modern Art curated by the Graffiti Fine Art  in Parque Ibirapuera, Sao Paulo, Brazil.  
  • Mural installation at the Cultural Center CCJ Cachoeirinha in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  


  • Live Painting Performance for Collective Arts Brew, Hamilton, Ontario 


  • "At this Age" Exhibition in the UNITED NATIONS in New York City for the art exhibit Street Art of Mankind.                                  
  • Live painting performance in the Alliance Francaise, NYC
  •  Live painting performance for the  150 event at the Canadian Consulate in Miami, FL                
  • Participation in the Street Art of Mankind Festival, Miami, FL


Shalak's canvas "Darkness is only the absence of light", exhibited in the United Nations for the At This Age project in January. 

Shalak's Mural for the Muchachitas Pintoras Festival in Santiago, Chile, 2017

Recipient of the 2016 Mural of the Year Award in Winnipeg, Manitoba.  

2016 - Highlights

UK Tour :

  • ‘In The Raw’  art exhibition created by Shalak Attack and Bruno Smoky  in the  BSMT Space Gallery in the heart of London, England. They transformed the space with their canvas art, street art installations and fine art prints. 
  • Painted several Street Art installations in London and Bristol. You can see their pieces on the London Canal on stacked shipping containers, and on walls in the infamous Bristol Street Art  neighbourhood Stock Crofts.

USA Tour:

  • Clandestinos participate in CRUSH Walls mural Festival in Denver, Colorado. 
  • Participate in Meeting of Styles, Houston, Texas
  • Largest mural during Art Basel 2016 in Wynwood, Miami.


  • Participate in the Wall to Wall Street Art Festival and paint the Clandestinos mural "Mending", Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • "Merging", a Clandestinos solo art exhibit  at  Graffiti Gallery, Winnipeg, Manitoba
  • Essencia Art Collective Large scale mural on Manitoulin Island, Ontario
  • Clandestinos Mural in Kelowna, BC
  • Live painting performance at BassCoast Music Festival, B.C
  • Mural at the Miami Ad School in Toronto, Ontario
  • Hired for the #fallofCanada campaign for UbiSoft Canada, Toronto




2015 Highlights

  • Essencia Art Collectives paints longest mural in Canada called the Awakening. 
  • Free Lolita Mural by Clandestinos in Wynwoon, Miami
  • Participation in the Anti Biennal of Asuncion, Paraguay
  • Live painting performance for the Blue Jays pregame Show, Rogers Center, Toronto, Canada
  • Live painting performance for the PANAM Torch Relay in Nathan Philips Square
  • Essencia Panam Path Mural
  • Live Painting Performance for Absolut Vodka
  • ...More